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In this captivating floral impressionism oil painting on board by multi-award winning female artist Denisa Mansfield, a bouquet bursts to life with an array of vibrant blooms, elegantly arranged in a clear glass vase. Dominating the arrangement, pristine white dahlias radiate purity and grace, their intricate petals capturing light with delicate precision. Surrounding them, playful pink gerberas introduce a lively charm, their cheerful hue contrasting delightfully with the serene white.

Violet irises add a regal touch, their deep, rich tones contributing an air of mystery and sophistication. Purple alliums, with their spherical clusters of tiny flowers, create a sense of whimsy and movement, subtly drawing the eye around the composition. The classic beauty of roses, in various stages of bloom, imbues the piece with timeless elegance and a hint of romance.

Visually pleasing bold brush strokes, imbuing the flowers with texture and dynamism. The naturally toned brown background provides a warm, earthy canvas that enhances the vivid colors of the blossoms, grounding the composition and adding depth. This harmonious interplay of color and texture evokes the ephemeral beauty of nature, inviting the viewer to savor the fleeting splendor of the floral display.


Highly collectible International artist and artwork, recently exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and with the Royal Society of British Artists in Mall Galleries, London. Also featured in House and Garden Magazine.



Height: cm (framed)

Width: cm (framed)

'Among the wildflowers' Impressionism Oil Painting

  • Yes artwork will be framed.

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