Painters Palette

Professional and self-taught Artist, having previously studied Art and Design in College, I have a profound love for art and just want to share my artwork with the world to enjoy.

I mainly work with high quality oil paints on canvases, a medium that gives me the chance to be creative with it and work it in ways that makes my work unique, often using blending and colour layering Impasto techniques to create contrast and interesting effects over time. My art is made through research of decorative arts and ideology which reflects through my designs and composition.

My artwork is an exploration of nature, design and emotions. Taking an approach to challenge the frame of thought and emotions one can feel, inviting the viewer to narrate their own observations. I rely on our desires for beauty, romance and mystery. My work delves into my own interpretation of forms and characteristics of the world of vintage and antique influences, where I focus on the relationship between my research into historic elements and further advancing my projects to a modern movement whilst maintaining that old world charm. Such subjects include fragments from historic interior design, textiles and furniture, reinventing this ideology of impressionism with elements of abstract art. My work reproduces familiar visual signs of vibrant and dark colours, passionate and elegant brush strokes and a mixture of blending techniques, showing a freely varied approach in each piece as not to limit myself creatively. I have found the subtle use of surrealism and minimalism to be valuable in arranging my visual ideas, subliminally present in every one of my paintings. All throughout, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work, my fascination with the ancient world of European mythology, and the power of visual dreams and their foretold meanings. My work is grounded in the values of remembering the past and to be hopeful for the future, with a new outlook on contemporary art.




Oil on Canvas, 2021.
61x51 cm.


Oil on Canvas, 2021.
80x60 cm.


Oil on Canvas Pair, 2021.
100x30 cm each.