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Painters Palette

Multi-Award winning International UK female Artist, having previously studied varied subjects in Art and Design. The creator of contemporary forms of modern art and new age impressionism painting.

Denisa mainly works with high quality oil paints on canvas and on board, a medium that gives her an individual way to be creative and work it in ways that makes her work distinctive from other artists, often using Impasto techniques for colour layering and blending paint to create contrast and interesting textures. 

Denisas artwork is an exploration of nature, identity and design. Delving into her own interpretation of forms and characteristics of evocative subject matters that relate to her life and surroundings. Strongly influenced by period and Avant Garde art movements that push the boundaries of the norm, such as neoclassicism, fauvism, post-impressionism and abstract cubism. Often envisioning her art with a subtle structure and unravelling simplicity in her approach, made through many emotions, ideology and it reflects through her choice of colours and execution. Reproducing familiar visual signs of vibrant and dark colours, passionate and elegant brush strokes and a mixture of blending techniques that are unique to her expressive style of painting, showing a freely varied approach in each piece. Her vivid paintings aim to captivate through design and storytelling, adding a modern flair of surrealism and minimalism to her work that is out of the ordinary yet timeless. A fascination with psychology, symbolism and mystery is evident in Mansfields' paintings. An oil painter from London now living in Colchester, she is exhibiting in Galleries and Museums around the UK and Internationally with her distinctive work being held in private collections throughout the world. Recently being exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and Mall Galleries, London where she won The Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award. An active member of Colchester Art Society and Suffolk Open Studios. 



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