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The Pregnant Artist (Gravida Pictorem) is an oil-on-canvas Avant Garde cubism painting by multi-award winning UK female Artist Denisa Mansfield. A surreal depiction of a heavily pregnant woman with geometric forms. It is the first work to focus on a pregnant woman bowing her head, depicting herself with a floating wooden paintbrush gently placed on the baby pump while comforted and protected by her sculpture like arm and hand. A symbolic expression of the struggles, hope and joy of pregnancy, a mystery of a journey to motherhood. Completed in warm contrasting colours with vibrant deep earth tones, soft and tense brush strokes to intensify the effect of impasto impressionism with elements of abstract art.


Highly collectable international artist and artwork, recently featured in House and Garden Magazine and exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and Mall Galleries, London with the Royal Society of British Artists.

'The Pregnant Artist' Art Deco Cubism Portrait Oil Painting

  • 153 cm (Framed: 156 cm)

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