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An elegant and classic portrait oil painting titled, 'Swan of Avon'. Based on a sweet taxidermy Swan and from my fascination over the years since childhood with these magnificent birds. I've always been fond of the magic of nature and combining it with sculpture art. This painting was inspired by the poem First Folio by poet Ben Johnson, who referred to Shakespeare as the 'Swan of Avon', a nickname given as he was born in Avon at Stratford. The ancient Greeks also believed that the soul of poets would pass into swans. United with the mythological story of Clytie who was an ocean nymph from Ovid's Metamorphoses who fell in love with the sun-god Apollo. He abandoned her and so she would look up to the sky from east to west following the sun, became rooted to the spot and was transformed. A perfect one-of-a-kind addition to any traditional or modern home, this is art with soul and a story. 


This majestic oil painting is available and is also currently being exhibited in Chelmsford, Essex. For more information please visit the exhibition page.


'Swan of Avon' Majestic Bird Oil Painting

  • 60 cm.

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