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A bright impressionism oil painting of wild garden daffodil varieties, painted from still life and imagination. A floral arrangement consisting of Daffodil Erlicheer, Gardenia Cheerfulness, Sunshine daffodils, Argent daffodils, Camellia daffodils, Double Yellow daffodils, Broughshane daffodils, Butterfly Blonde daffodils, Albus Plenus Odoratus daffodils and other delightful narcissus. This classic collection of carefully selected vibrant flowers, are depicted within an antique Victorian Vase c.1910 that features sheep in a pastoral setting of british scenery. A wonderful visual statement that would brighten up any home in any season. Comes in a fitted wooden frame, ready to hang.


Highly collectable international artist and artwork, recently exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and Mall Galleries, London. Also featured in House and Garden Magazine UK, including Street Art Stories Project in Colchester, East Anglia celebrating local history and country living.


Height: 59 cm framed

Width: 49 cm framed

'Spring Daffodils in Blue and White Antique Vase' Floral Impressionism Painting

  • 56 cm.

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