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A large striking oil on canvas painting resembling the ancient Grecian mosaic era by Award winning UK female Artist Denisa Mansfield, depicting Hera walking beside the fountain of Immortality whilst holding grapes to temp the desirous Peacock that has feathers that look almost like Jewels and Gemstones. Symbolic art that tells a similar story of love and everlasting beauty derived from mythology. This enchanting oil painting offers an opportunity to reconnect with the essence of nature and offers a sense of peace and harmony. Water Lilies can be seen gently sitting in the Fountain surrounded by a deep greenery of tall Laurels, unique landscape full of character and intricate impasto details and brush strokes. Created in Mansfields' signature style of new age neo impressionism that subtly imitates mosaic forms of colour layering and divisionism.


A glorious one of a kind centre piece that comes with a bespoke fitted wooden ornate frame in ebony black, ready to hang.


Highly collectible International artist and artwork, recently exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and Mall Galleries, London. Also featured in House and Garden Magazine.



Height: 103 cm (framed)

Width: 123 cm (framed)




'Hera and the Peacock' Oil on Canvas Impressionism Painting

  • 100 cm.

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