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A vibrant and captivating mixed media abstract expressionism oil painting that pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic techniques, by multi-award winning UK female artist Denisa Mansfield. This visually enticing artwork goes beyond the conventional canvas and is the first piece of the unique mixed media collection, incorporating small foam balls that add a playful and tactile dimension to the piece.


The painting exudes a sense of sensory delight, enticing the viewer with its rich textures and fun details. The vibrant multi colours, reminiscent of a rainbow sprinkled cake, intermingle and dance across the canvas, creating a feast for the eyes. The thick layers of pink oil paint inspired by candy floss, provide a luscious and sumptuous quality, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in its depths.


The addition of the small foam balls adds a unique and unexpected element. Like confectionery decorations, they punctuate the surface, forming delightful clusters and patterns that evoke a sense of childlike wonder. As the viewer's gaze shifts across the artwork, their imagination is sparked, and they are tempted to reach out and explore the tactile nature of the foam balls, enhancing the interactive experience.


This painting possesses a distinct visual and sensual impact, creating an aura of pleasure and enjoyment, enticing the viewer to revel in its whimsical beauty and indulge in a delightful feast for the senses. Comes in a bespoke wooden frame fitted with a protective screen, ready to hang.


Highly collectible artist and artwork, recently exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and Mall Galleries, London. Also featured in House and Garden Magazine.



Height: 65 cm (framed)

Width: 65 cm (framed)

'Candy Floss Rainbow' Abstract Expressionism Oil Painting

  • 61 cm

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