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A bright oil painting on board by Award winning UK female Artist Denisa Mansfield, depicting striking bright cliffs against vibrant waves moving in slow motion under a textured tranquil sky of soft hues. Mansfields impressionism style adds softness to the surface of the sea, symbolic of its liberating wilderness and calming beauty. Depicting an old pathway that leads the way through wild flowers overlooking the sea and a ship that sails in the far distance. It is full of gentle and rich colourful details and bold brush strokes. Comes in a fitted vintage distressed wooden frame, ready to hang.


Highly collectible International artist and artwork, recently exhibited in Chelmsford Museum and Mall Galleries, London. Also featured in House and Garden Magazine.



Height: 27 cm (framed)

Width: 33 cm (framed)

'Travels to the White Cliffs' Landscape Sea Impressionism Oil Painting

  • 24 cm

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